Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Mi band 4 can not only remind you via vibrating when your phone receives calls, messages or other notifications from app (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat) but also displays details on the screen directly, such as readable content of massage and name or ID of the caller etc.
Count steps, distance, calories burned
6 Workout Modes: Treadmill, Exercise, Outdoor Running, Cycling, Walking, Swimming

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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness Tracker Review
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At half the price of the cheapest Fitbit, Xiaomi’s latest Mi Smart Band 4 offers incredible value for money tracking activity, health- and sleep-tracking. The much-improved colour AMOLED panel display itself makes it worth the upgrade. It is not intended though as a replacement of your smartwatch or smartphone in terms of notifications, this is worth bearing in mind. We were pleased to see Xiaomi taking advantage of the device’s waterproofing by offering swim-tracking, which we absolutely loved it. If we could ask for something, it would be recharging without removing the tracker from the band, too much to ask at this price range I would say, otherwise the Mi Band 4 is difficult to fault.

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A Budget-Friendly Fitbit with All Premium Features

Xiaomi is now ready to introduce their newest device of fitness trackers with great features that are right within your budget. With the  Xiaomi Mi Band 4, you get a water-resistant tracker to record your workout and sleep time. Also, it has a customizable color display and long-lasting battery life which makes it the best-value fitness tracker today. Yes, you’ve heard it right, with just half of the price of the cheapest Fitbit, you can take advantage of premium features you won’t find in other inexpensive fitness bands.



In general, Mi Band 4 has the same look as the previous design of Xiaomi’s fitness trackers. It is slim, oval-shaped, and compatible with Mi Band 3’s accessories. However, you can tell that it is more stylish and modern.

Now in its fifth generation, the Mi Band 4 replaces the 0.78in OLED panel from previous models with a 0.95in colour AMOLED screen with a decent 120x240px resolution. This makes it 40% larger than any previous model but still feeling extremely light at just 22g. This display itself is customisable to a degree. You can download 77 watch faces and switching them around is super simple.

The adjustable silicone strap comes with different colors and design that suits your styles. It measures 45 x 15 mm and 14 mm thick, which is slightly bulky. It may not be the sleekest fitness tracker out there but the features can match rivalries such Fitbit Inspire HR and Garmin Vivofit 4.

It is super easy to use, just swipe left and right to control the music on your phone or swipe up and down to scroll through the menu. And for sure, you will love its full-color, 0.95 inches AMOLED touch screen that is bright and colorful. With its lift-to-view function you can easily read in full sunlight, just press the capacitive touch button and voila! 

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 wins over Fitbit hands down! Can you imagine a battery life of up to 20 days? Even if the lift-to-view and heart-rate-monitoring are turned on, you can still enjoy this device for two weeks! When it does come time for a recharge, the Mi Band 4 recharges quite quickly. This is ideal as you will always want it to be on tracking both your waking- and sleeping hours.


Fitness Tracking

The most exciting features at this price are its 5ATM waterproofing rating and the accelerometer. If you are an avid swimmer, the Mi Band 4 is able to tell the difference between swimming strokes and in addition, it will also measure the distance you swim, calories burned in the workout and the stroke rate using a proprietary scoring system to analyse performance.

I mean, you can’t have it all with just $35 right? So what’s the letdown? Well, the Xiaomi Band 4 is just a basic fitness tracker that doesn’t have an automatic detector for your heart-rate or when you work out. Another disappointment is that you can’t connect this band through your phone’s GPS so tracking down outdoor workouts such as running, cycling, walking, swimming, and exercise can be inaccurate.

Tracking weightlifting workouts, running and yoga, we found it relatively accurate overall, but lacking the fine-tuning of more expensive models. The responsiveness to minor heart-rate changes just wasn’t there as you would expect from let’s say, an Apple Watch. We don’t see this as a deal-breaker in itself as many people are simply looking for basic step counter with the sporadic heart-rate monitoring. If what you are looking for is active fitness tracking, this is probably not the right band for you.

If you are not that picky, then those little drawbacks should not hinder you from getting this band. Most people are fine with basic step counting and heart-rate check. What matters is it has great features that come at a very affordable price.


The Mi Band 4 is not your average fitness tracker. Aside from its fitness tracking feature, this fitness tracker works like a smartwatch. It offers customizable alerts for incoming calls, texts, apps notifications, alarms, and emails.

Using the Xiaomi Fit app, you can easily switch on and off the alerts. It displays new messages on the screen and you can also customize your very own vibration patterns so you will know what alert is coming through without even looking at the screen. How cool is that, right?


Maybe the fitness tracking capabilities of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 are not impressive but there are other features to look forward to. Like its colorful and stylish straps, customizable alert, or the MI Fit app. Most importantly, you just can’t find smartwatch-like fitness trackers like Fitbit that is extremely cheap.

I can say that the Mi Band 4 is unbeatable at its price range. With so many features to offer, like a health-and-sleep tracker, colorful AMOLED screen, and excellent battery life, it’s a pretty good deal for many. If you are looking for a useful tracking partner within your budget, then I highly suggest that this band is the perfect fit for you.

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