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Ergonomic Chairs for Office and Gaming

81% of us spend between four and nine hours a day seated at our desks. Our choice of a chair will impact our comfort, concentration and wellbeing during every minute of that time, whether we’re consciously aware of that or not. The chair needs to make you comfortable in whichever positions you are in through the day, so it’s important to consider those positions before you buy.

Firstly, a decent office chair should last, so it’s worth investing in one that’s going to give you the back support you need – even better if it actually improves your posture. If you pair it with the best desk for you, you’ll be on the road for healthy joints and more efficient working life. You’ll find our favourite ergonomic office chairs below, at a range of different price points.

We’re quite prepared to spend perhaps thousands of pounds on PCs, tablets or phones, and maybe a good chunk of money on a huge 4K eye-friendly monitor. But we may well be sat in front of all this expensive equipment in a £30/$30 desk chair. And while our eyes are being treated nicely by that monitor’s flicker-free or low blue light tech, our back probably won’t thank us in the long run for being hunched in a rickety old seat that would probably be more at home in the nearest skip than in our study or office.

Some of the fancier chairs may be expensive, but they provide all manner of clever tricks and tweaks to make sure the seat is properly adjusted to your needs – such as a sliding seat pan, or movable armrests. A pricey chair will also generally be covered by the likes of a 12 or 15-year guarantee, so these manufacturers put their money where their mouths are in that respect. So, whether you turn your kitchen or dining table into a makeshift desk or you’re fortunate enough to have a spare room with a desk all of your own, take note – a good office chair is a worthwhile investment. After all, most of us think nothing of splashing out on a nice sofa, so why not invest in something which will keep you comfy – and healthy – for years to come.

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