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Baby Monitors

Baby monitors have come a long way since the old days of simple audio-only walkie-talkie style monitors. Fast forward one generation and today’s best baby monitors offer fancy features such as a motion sensor, infrared night vision, room temperature sensors, two-way talkback and calming night lights. Some even connect to smartphones for even greater interaction and versatility.

When choosing the best baby monitor for you and your baby you need to go beyond the bells and whistles. The most essential features such as battery life, reception range and video quality are still the most important ones, despite all the fuzz and fancy things they can do these days. Get the basics right and the rest are added benefits. Our favourite models below deliver on all these essentials plus they include a wide range of extra features suited to your baby's needs.

The latest devices can be used to keep an eye on your baby from your tablet or smartphone anywhere in your home, but also when you’re out. This makes it easy for you to check in on your baby when you’ve left them with the sitter, and view them on the camera feed in real-time, hopefully sleeping soundly in their cot. There are a few different types of baby monitors in the market, but the two main differences are that some are audio-only, others have audio and video monitoring.

Scroll down to read our baby monitors reviews and recommendations. We hope there is something for every mum and every baby, whatever the age.

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