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Dash Cams For Your Car

Safety should be paramount with anything that involves cars and roads. Dashboard cameras, or dash cams, come in all shapes and sizes, with feature sets and prices of all sorts. Finding the right option can be mission impossible. You have to consider the image resolution, recording time, driver-assistant technology, size, recording time, price, and so on.

Regardless of what appeals to one user or another, the very basics are simple and in general terms, universally shared. These are cameras recording a front-facing view of the road ahead as you drive. If you should be unfortunate enough to have an accident or witness one, the camera saves the footage to an SD card. From that point on, it is ready to be used as evidence with the police or your insurance company. This can literally mean winning or losing a claim or criminal charges, it is that simple.

In fact, plenty of insurers now offer discounts if you choose to fit a dash camera, leading to long-term savings. The rise of crooks trying it on with a “crash for cash” has led to insurers offering premiums of 10% to 15%. With public roads sometimes resembling a battleground it makes more sense than ever to have a dash cam in your car. Commuters and delivery drivers jostle with school-runners, not to mention cyclists and pedestrians, it simply makes sense.

Some remain permanently attached to your windscreen and start recording when you fire up the ignition. Others can be stored in your glovebox, then clipped to a magnetic dock on the windscreen for each journey.  Some models can be hooked up to a second, rearwards-facing camera, and other systems record time-lapse footage for a couple of days after you last parked, thanks to feeding off the car’s battery.


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