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Best Standing Desks

Adjustable desks allow you to stand while working at your desk or computer. They are also known as stand-up desks, sit-to-stand desks, or workstations. Adjustable desks come in a variety of types, sizes, and price points. Standing instead of sitting for work has proven to help avoid back, neck, and joint pain and to improve productivity and energy levels.  Sitting too much does not only increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and other health problems such as diabetes but also study say it may cause us death even if we exercise.

According to the World Health Organization, physical inactivity has been ranked as the fourth leading cause of death among people in the world. It is either you sit when you drive, when you watch TV, when you work at an office, and when you eat. Sitting for long hours straight is not highly recommended so professional physicians and health practitioners advise to stand and walk for a little longer to let your blood circulate well.

Why do you need an adjustable desk? It’s simple. You need more energy when you work and standing will keep your blood circulation and mind more active. When you are physically inactive, you tend to feel sleepy. Standing will make you more productive and help you accomplish more work than expected. The problem is that, basically, all of modern life is organized around sitting, which is why we suggest investing in one of the best standing desks available.

So what’s the solution to an epidemic of sitting? Besides choosing a career that requires you to walk around all day, the answer may very well be a standing desk. If you have an office job, you’re kind of stuck, you have to be in front of a computer. Adjustable desks solve this problem by allowing you to get up and move around while you work. You’re still tied to your office or cubicle, just without all of the negative effects associated with sitting down all day.

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