Samsung Galaxy Fit E

– 5 ATM water resistance. MIL-STD-810G: compliant – salt, dust, humidity, rain, vibration, solar radiation, transport and thermal shock resistant
Full-Color AMOLED Display
– Keep up your routine for even longer. With plenty of power to last throughout your daily workouts, you can pack in those long hours to reach your fitness goals. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about disruptive battery discharge when tracking your activity.
– Push yourself that much further when setting your fitness goals. Galaxy Fit is compliant with military-level durability standards and has a water resistance of 5ATM. You can take your workout outside without having to worry about dust or rain getting in the way
– HRM, Accelerometer

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Samsung Galaxy Fit E Review
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It gives you everything that the Xiaomi or Honor trackers do, within reason. It only weighs 15g and it is very comfortable to wear. If you sleep with it, turn off the wake-up gesture that lights up the screen when you raise your arm so that you don’t get awaken in the middle of the night. While the Fit e is comfortable and does a great job, it is an essentials fitness band (hence the “e”),  don’t expect any miracles. It is good for tracking basic activities like running, but if you’re looking for something more intricate and sophisticated, you should look at the regular Galaxy Fit or a Samsung Galaxy Watch. In its price range though, great value for money!!

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Samsung Galaxy Fit E Review

Slims Down and Price while Keeping All Features

Due to the bargain price of Xioami’s Mi Band 4 fitness tracker, a lot of its competitors, including Samsung, took a big step back to deliberate their next action. Finally, after realizing the threat of having great features for little money, Samsung presents a cheaper yet astonishing Galaxy Fit e fitness band. It is the perfect gadget for those who want the basic fitness tracking with some smart features add-ons.


The Fit e has some of the Gear Fit2 Pro’s amazing features but the design is slimmer and offers a lower cost. In this price range, it is clear that it’s a no match for Xiamoi Mi Band 4’s price and feature set, but it still manages to go head to head with other rivals like Fitbit Inspire HR. Well, setting aside the design and price, let’s see if they can live up with their good reputation.

We can hardly tell the difference of the Samsung Galaxy Fit E with Galaxy Fit as far as the design is concerned. Overall, it’s a simple tracker that has basic tracking features that don’t need flashy displays.

All You Need to Know

This tiny band measures 0.74 in with 64 x 128 monochrome PMOLED display measures and 70 mAh battery. You can connect it with any phone, Apple, or Android via Bluetooth 5, but it doesn’t have a GPS connection. This means that you can’t expect an exact position for your workouts distances, so you need to keep in mind your step counts. But for this price range, you can’t expect miracles either.

It is hard for the Galaxy Fit e to top Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Honor Band. But in its price range, you can have a tracking band that has the basic features such as alarms and alerts, fitness tracker, as well as reading messages without looking at your phone. If you prefer additional features, you might as well spend a little more to have a Fitbit Inspire HR for double the price and/ or a Garmin Vivofit 4 for a little less. Price at this low ranges does make a substantial difference.

Design and Features

Inside the box of Galaxy Fit e is the tracker device, clip-on magnetic charger, and rubber band which varies from black, white, and yellow. It seems like the usual package, so what do you think will make this one capture our attention? Well, it may look like a sleek, durable, and lightweight band but essentially, it was made for comfort and securing the device from falling off your wrist.

Although the strap clasp is a bit complex making the adjustments difficult to handle, it shows sophistication in the design and it is super lightweight. The sensitivity of this band is also quite intriguing as it wakes up the moment you move your wrist, either on purpose or accidentally. And when it lights up, it displays exceptional brightness on its small screen. You won’t struggle to read at all, which is a welcome bonus.

Most of the problem with devices nowadays is longevity. Like when you use it on maximum brightness and turning on all alerts and notifications. You will notice how the battery drains rapidly and usually runs out at the worst possible time. So what do we do? Adjust everything to extend its lifespan and somehow use it as much as we could. Same with this tracker, you have to switch off the heart-rate sensor and dim the light and expect a week of usage.

To be honest, the Galaxy Fit e battery is not that bad, however, it could be better. Compare it to other fitness trackers such as Honor Band 5 that has 12 days duration with its 100mAh battery makes you wonder how much they can stretch it within the price range. Annoyingly, as it is not considered a smartwatch, the screen is a no-touch display. You need a Galaxy Wear app to be able to customize, adjust, and control the settings and other features.


Apps Available

Aside from Galaxy Wear, you might be wondering what apps you need to install to maximize the use of this tracker band. One very beneficial app is Samsung Health. It allows you to track your food or drink intake, calories count, and weight.

Through Samsung Health you can easily share your workout to social media apps like Strava, something that other brands like Xiaomi and Honor are incapable of. Also, Samsung’s Together app lets you connect with other people to participate in community events such as challenges. Or if you rather spend some time on your own, there is a section for meditation programs and soundtracks to aid with any sleeping problems. You can even read some articles relevant to health.


Generally speaking, I must say that Galaxy Fit e deserves a thumbs up for its decent performance. It works well on recording workouts, heart rate, and sleeping time that is better than a standard smartphone. It may not be the cheapest one in stores but the overall functionality is definitely at its finest.

If you connect the Galaxy Fit e to your smartphone, you can log your workouts through the Samsung Health app including your heart rate data which we found very useful. If you happen to be offline and with no connection the Fit e will just track steps, burned calories and the distance travelled/ walked. What is really great is that if you leave it on during your sleep at night, it will log the quality of your sleep giving you some very valuable data if you have sleeping problems.

We have to mention again sleep tracking because it really is excellent. If you are a restless or light sleeper, the band will accurately pick it up and log it. What is fascinating is that it doesn’t require the user’s input to begin recording, it is done automatically for you. You can, of course, log your sleep manually if you forget to wear it at night so it is always good to have that option, although you won’t get anywhere near as much useful data for you to study. This is not a unique feature of this band, cheaper fitness trackers from China offer it too, but it is really useful to have it built-in and performing so well.


The fact that this fitness tracker band is from Samsung is already a sign of greatness. It gives you everything that the Xiaomi or Honor trackers do, within reason, and the technology of Galaxy Fit e means it is robust and it won’t fail on you. And with an excellent price tag, I bet that people will go crazy for this one.

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