De’Longhi’s Nespresso Essenza Mini

With the Essenza Mini, De’Longhi has delivered its most compact Nespresso machine yet – without any compromise on taste. Offering 2 programmable cup sizes, the Essenza Mini machine creates perfect coffee just the way you like it. Choose from 3 colors to fit your style and space. It’s the small machine that opens up the whole world of Nespresso coffee. Includes the Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother that provides a smooth, finely textured hot or cold fresh milk froth for your coffee recipes in a few seconds, without noise or vibration. The Aeroccino 3 also heats milk for your latte or cappuccino.

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De'Longhi’s Nespresso Essenza Mini Review
De'Longhi’s Nespresso Essenza Mini with frother

Product Name: De'Longhi’s Nespresso Essenza Mini

Product Description: The tiny but stylish automatic single-serve Nespresso Essenza Mini espresso is a very affordable and reliable espresso coffee machine that is super simple to use. So simple in fact that within minutes of opening the box, you will be enjoying a great-tasting espresso with gorgeous cream on top.

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  • Build Quality
  • Performance
  • Versatility
  • Easy to Use


If you are someone with little patience and who needs an espresso every morning to get you going but can’t be bothered with complex setups, the Nespresso Essenza Mini espresso maker is ideal for you. This small machine single button operation is as simple to use as it can be, with minimum maintenance and at a very affordable price.


One-touch brewing system
Power-saving mode
Compact and portable design
Heating time takes 25 seconds only
Most affordable machine from Nespresso


Exclusive only for espresso
No descaling alert
Compatible with Nespresso capsules
A bit noisy when brewing
Small capacity due to its tiny body

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De’Longhi’s Nespresso Essenza Mini Review

Small Capacity Yet Deliver High-Quality Espresso

Do you have a small kitchen, or limited space but still would like to enjoy the pleasure of great coffee at home? This is not an unusual situation, especially if you live in cities where space comes at a premium. Well, if this is the case, the De’Longhi’s Nespresso Essenza Mini might be the answer to your dilemma.

The tiny but stylish automatic single-serve Nespresso Essenza Mini espresso is a very affordable and reliable espresso coffee machine that is super simple to use. So simple in fact that within minutes of opening the box, you will be enjoying a great-tasting espresso with gorgeous cream on top.

Nespresso Essenza pouring

When it comes to coffee/espresso makers, Nespresso never fails to amaze us by producing a wide range of coffee machines and yet consistently maintaining the same quality and taste. Whether it is the cheapest Nespresso machines like Essenza Mini or the most expensive Citiz, expect a delicious espresso every time. Also, Nespresso uses coffee capsules instead of pods or coffee grounds to seal all the goodness from their coffee. These capsules have become part of the reason why so many of us enjoy coffee like never before.

Many of us don’t have the time nor the patience to grind our own coffee and go through the process of making it. Let alone buying a machine to do all of that at home! Nespresso revolutionized the way we understand coffee making, and yet, some will say it is not real coffee unless you do it properly. However, not everyone requires that excellence so having a little machine in the corner of your kitchen will not only save a ton of money from getting coffee at your local café but also give you the freedom to enjoy it whenever you want it.

Key Specifications
  • 2 push buttons for espresso and lungo
  • Automatic shutdown after 9 minutes of inactivity
  • Heating time up to 25 seconds
  • 0.6-liter water tank
  • 1100 to 1450 watts power
  • 19-bar high-pressure extraction pump
  • 4.33 x 8.07 x 12.8 inches dimensions
  • 5.1 pounds of weight

There are two versions of De’Longhi’s Nespresso Essenza Mini, one made by Breville, and the other one from De’Longhi. Breville’s version measures 4.3 x 8.1 x 12.8 inches and has the traditional design available in piano black and pure white. While the De’Longhi’s version is 4.33 x 8.07 x 12.8 inches with curvy design, round edges, and offers three colors such as black, red, and lime.

Nespresso Essenza range

Both designs have a plastic body and weigh 5.1 pounds making it very lightweight and portable. It has a transparent water reservoir with a lid, though it lacks a water indicator, so you need to pull it out every now and then to check the water level. But since it is such a small machine, it is easy to remove and clean the water tank along with the drip tray, drip, base, and drip grid.

On top of the machine, you will see two pushbuttons designated for Espresso and Lungo that can produce up to a 5-inch cup and heats up in around 25 to 30 seconds. Don’t be put off by its simple and humble design, it delivers bar-like drinks due to its 19-bar high-pressure extraction pump. This baby packs quite a punch. And if you forgot to turn the machine off, don’t worry because it automatically shuts down after 9 minutes of inactivity.

One-Touch System

Since the Essenza Mini uses an automatic one-touch operation, there is no need for any adjustments. It is as simple as it can get. All you have to do is insert a coffee capsule, choose between espresso and lungo, press the one and only button, and wait for the brewing process. If simplicity is your thing, you have met your match in heaven. It is a super easy-to-use machine but naturally, the compromise is that it lacks versatility in producing drinks other than espresso-based. If you want a little bit more finesse you might want to consider the Creatista Plus Coffee machine, also by Nespresso.

19-Bar Pressure Extraction Pump

Making espresso and lungo is so easy. You just press a button and all is done for you. And with the help of a 19-bar pressure extraction pump, the coffee grounds aroma and intense flavor flow nicely directly into your coffee mug. There is no excuse anymore for you not to enjoy café-like espresso-based drinks without having to follow complicated instructions or expensive equipment.

Intense Flavor

If there is one thing you expect when buying a Nespresso machine, is that the coffee tastes as good as what you’d expect from a George Clooney advert. If George Clooney drinks Nespresso coffee, I want some of that too! Ahhh… The hype, but we buy into that so we have expectations. The De’Longhi’s Nespresso Essenza Mini does not disappoint, it delivers rich flavors with aromatic smell and golden foamy cream in every shot of espresso. Although it only uses coffee capsules and misses the fresher taste from ground coffee beans, it still produces delicious espresso or lungo. If you go for lungo bear in mind it is a bit bitter and smokier as you use more water. Lungo stands for “long” so essentially, it is a “large” espresso rather than a traditional shot of espresso.

nespresso coffee

Most Nespresso coffee/espresso makers have environmental-conscious features for low energy consumption. It also has an automatic-saving energy option where the machine shuts down after 9 minutes on standby mode. Furthermore, used coffee capsules are not thrown away but undergo a recycling program not only to save money but to bring nature awareness to people. Additionally, Nespresso recycles the machine once it comes to the end of its life. This has no impact whatsoever on the quality and taste of the coffee but somehow it feels good knowing that your eco-footprint does not add to the environmental challenges we have these days.


The De’Longhi’s Nespresso Essenza Mini is the most affordable espresso machine from Nespresso. It is a budgeted machine but it still delivers high-quality espresso, rich, and full of flavor. We could say that the size of this espresso machine definitely matches up to its price. It is small, compact yet surprisingly efficient.


Using the De’Longhi’s Nespresso Essenza Mini to brew espresso and lungo is super simple. It does not have a power button, so you just plug-in the machine, then press either espresso or lungo button. You have to wait for a little until the blinking light becomes steady which is when coffee starts to pour. It can’t get any simpler than that, one-button operation.

But if you are using it for the first time, there is a simple setup method you need to do. First is to rinse the water tank and fill it with water, then put a 1-liter container under the coffee outlet without the drip tray. Press either of the buttons to run hot water, and it is now ready to make you the first espresso with this espresso machine. You basically need to run hot water through the machine to remove any residue that might be lurking inside.

Additionally, if you want to program the machine to release just the right amount of espresso, you need to press and hold down the espresso or lungo button. The machine will dispense water and if you are happy with the volume just simply release the button. It will confirm the new setting by flashing the light three times.


One of the advantages of having a small machine is that it will not take so much of your time to clean it up. Wipe the exterior with a clean damp cloth, then wash the water tank with warm or hot water, and the same goes with the drip tray, drip base, and drip grid. Let them dry thoroughly before using them again, or you wipe with a dry cloth or tissue for faster drying.

Aside from cleaning the machine every after use, it is also important to descale it to remove limescale build-up in the water tank. However, you need to take extra care when handling the descaling agent as it may damage the machine. Follow these steps very carefully and it will only take 15 minutes of your time. Descaling is very important as it can/ will affect taste and flavor, as well as extending the life of the coffee machine. It doesn’t have to be done at a specific time, it depends on how often you use it, so it is up to you to decide if/ when. We would say once every 4-6 weeks but unfortunately, the machine is so simple that you don’t have a warning system like some other Nespresso coffee machines.

Nespresso Essenza descaling
Steps in Descaling
  1. Lift the lever to remove the coffee capsule and empty the used capsule container, drip tray, and drip base.
  2. Mix 1 sachet of descaling liquid with 0.6 liters of water and pour it in the water tank.
  3. Put a 1-liter container under the coffee outlet.
  4. To start the descaling process, press both espresso and lungo button for 5 seconds.
  5. Then press the lungo button and wait for the water tank to be fully empty.
  6. Refill the water tank with the used descaling solution from the container.
  7. Repeat pressing the lungo button until the water tank is empty.
  8. Rinse the water tank, fill with clean water, and then repeat step 7 twice.
  9. To end the descaling process, press both espresso and lungo buttons for 5 seconds.
  10. Empty the drip base and wipe any water residue.

If you are the type that needs an espresso every morning to get you going but can’t be bothered with complex setups or don’t have the patience to spend time brewing your own coffee, the De’Longhi’s Nespresso Essenza Mini espresso maker will be an ideal match for you. This small machine is super simple to use, with minimum maintenance and at a very affordable price.

If you are up for experimenting with drinks, being a bit more creative, mix things up with milk, etc, well, this coffee machine is definitely not for you. You might want to choose the Nespreso Creatista Plus as it will give you more options or check out other Nespresso coffee machines. You could always go for full grinding coffee machines, which will definitely give you pro-like features. We believe the people who would love this machine the most would be anyone who loves to enjoy a good cup of espresso. All in all, it is a great coffee maker that comes at a very reasonable price.

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