Mr. Coffee Café Barista

Craft delectable, robust coffeehouse-quality espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes with the Mr. Coffee Café Barista. Featuring an electric 15-bar pump that creates powerful pressure to extract bold, rich flavors during the brew. Anyone can become a cafe expert with the simple-to-use espresso maker. One-touch controls let you choose between single or double shots and automatically froths milk with an adjustable control knob.

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Mr. Coffee Café Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Review 
Mr. Coffee Café Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker creamy foam

Product Name: Mr. Coffee Café Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Product Description: The Mr. Coffee Café Barista proves that you don’t really need barista skills to make and enjoy café-style drinks. The machine is a semi-automatic three-in-one coffee machine that provides brewing and frothing with just a push of a button. Aside from its easy setup and operation, I love how sturdy and classy the design is.

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The Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista is a great choice as a coffee machine for anyone who loves espresso and cappuccino. It is so easy to use and the coffee that you get tastes really good for the overall effort required to make it. It’s especially perfect for someone who is just getting into espresso drink-making because the machine does most of the work or for anybody who can’t be bothered to learn coffee making skills and yet they want the best of traditional coffee making, at their fingertip, literally. Highly recommended.


Makes espresso, cappuccino, and latte within a few seconds
Easy-to-use operations
Frothing options for cappuccino and latter
Automatic shutdown after a couple of minutes of inactivity
Very affordable semi-automatic coffee maker


Do not offer control over coffee strengths and temperatures
The exterior is mainly made of plastic
Frothing milk can be a bit noisy
The machine can easily be clogged up when using fine coffee grounds
Small drip tray

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Mr. Coffee Café Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Review 

Low- Cost Entry-Level Machine

To most people, morning is not complete without a cup of hot coffee. No matter what the weather or temperature is, one always looks forward to the moment where you can enjoy the right cup of coffee. It is the perfect time to think or ponder about work, planning things with family in mind, or just reflect on life. Enjoying coffee every morning at home is simply an unbeatable proposition. Grabbing a coffee at the nearest coffee shop and queuing for who knows how long for is not the way you want to start the day. Enter, Mr. Coffee Café Barista coffee maker.

At first, I was hesitant to try the machine because I have no idea what’s first and what’s next. I put my eagerness aside and actually read the manual (I know, crazy!) or at least some of it. I have to say, the excitement of the first coffee with a new coffee machine is really amazing. The Mr. Coffee Café Barista produces café-drinks like a professional barista and I can totally stand by that statement. I actually never thought frothing milk could be as easy as pie. Now, I can easily make myself a cup of cappuccino or latte anytime I want and that feels amazing as I always felt there was something missing wherever coffee shop I go to.


Being in the industry of automatic-drip coffee machines for almost 50 years makes the Mr. Coffee brand truly unique and remarkable. They never fail to deliver great-tasting coffee such as espresso, cappuccino, and latte without spending a lot of money. That is a hard-selling point very difficult to beat, by anyone’s standards. In just a couple of seconds, you can enjoy your favorite coffee without the hassle of going outside and face the weather, people, noise, pollution, you name it.

The Mr. Coffee Café Barista proves that you don’t really need barista skills to make and enjoy café-style drinks. The machine is a semi-automatic three-in-one coffee machine that provides brewing and frothing with just a push of a button. Aside from its easy setup and operation, I love how sturdy and classy the design is. The color complements and easily blends with pretty much any modern kitchen style. Not only have I succeeded in making (and enjoying) the best coffee I have tasted in years, consistently, every morning, but the machine itself has been a wonderful addition to my kitchen decor.

Key Specifications
  • 15-bar pressure pump for the best freshly-brewed coffee
  • One-touch control panel with three buttons and icons for easy usage
  • Volume control option that allows users to choose between a single or double shot with just a few clicks
  • Self-cleaning system to release any left milk on the milk frothing dispensing tube after use
  • Automatic milk frothing to choose whether you like a cappuccino or latte drink
  • Cup height adjusting tray to accommodate any cup size
  • Removable water and milk tank
  • 11.2 in. x 8.9 in. x 12.6 in. dimensions
  • 10.37 pounds of weight
  • 1,040-watt power



Although Mr. Coffee Café Barista is a rather affordable machine and made of plastic, the design is actually quite attractive. The front panels have a stainless-steel-like exterior that comes in three colors, red, white, and silver. Believe it or not, it actually has a luxury-feel design that can be easily compared to expensive Nespresso machines. The machine itself is not that big overall at 11.2in. x 8.9in. x 12.6in (28.5cm x 22.6cm x 32cm). It only weighs around 10.37 pounds which is a relief as some grinding coffee machines can be quite heavy. You can put this coffee machine in any kitchen and it will look quite nice.

Additionally, the buttons have their own labels and icons so it only took me a couple of minutes to learn its operation. Yes, it really is that easy. Even though the machine doesn’t have an alert when the water tank is close to empty, I was able to easily see when the low water level thanks to its transparent case. The operation itself is very simple, a bit too simplistic I would say, for anyone who loves the traditional process of coffee making, as you are totally detached from the process. The machine does all the hard work. Which to some this is ideal, for others who look for a more raw “do-it-yourself” process, it will be a disappointment.

The light indicators on the machine guide you through the coffee-making process. Once the lights stop blinking and are steady you know if it is already brewing coffee. Once the coffee is done you move to the froth knob at the top of the milk reservoir, where you choose from cappuccino or latte foam. The Mr. Coffee Café Barista gives you a 15-bar pressure pump system that delivers one of the best tasting espresso, cappuccino, and latte you will ever taste.

One-Touch Control Panel

The Café Barista’s control panel consists of a number of buttons for Espresso, Cappuccino, and Latte. Icons on the side indicate whether you want a single and/ or double-shot serving. Press it once for a single shot and twice for double shots. It also offers a manual setting that can be activated simply by pressing the button for 3 seconds. Though I always choose the automatic setting, since the amount for the double shot is perfect for my preference. That is it, in many ways it makes me feel I am dealing with a Nespresso one-button operation due to the simplicity of the process. Anyone who likes the simplicity of the Nespresso coffee machines but wants to enjoy coffee from beans and try and mix their own flavor will instantly love this coffee machine.

Programmable Milk Frothing

Frothing your milk is very easy with the Mr. Coffee Café Barista. Saying that, don’t expect you will be getting amazing latte art simply because it has a cool frothier. It takes professional barista skills to do that, but at least one finds comfort on the fact that you have the tool to learn, or at least try. To make a simple foamy froth, just set the froth you like by turning the froth knob for either cappuccino or latte. Then, press the button once or twice for a single or double shot, and in just a few seconds, the drink is good to go. You couldn’t make it any easier.

15-Bar Pressure Extraction Pump

To make espresso coffee you require a machine with 9 bars of optimal pressure to extract the coffee. Some people, though, believe that 15 bars of pressure make the best brew. Whatever side of the argument you are on, there are a few things that you need that are universal, that is great coffee beans, barista skills, and a high-quality coffee machine. The Coffee Barista takes care of the latter, simply choose the type of bean you want to create the perfect blend of espresso for you. Leaving you to dedicate as much or as little time and skill as you want to afford. Either way, the machine is so simple to operate that whatever your skill level the Mr. Coffee Café Barista produces enough pressure to get you the best possible espresso coffee.

Easy User Interface

Making a cup of coffee with Café Barista does not require a complicated process. I just simply put the coffee grounds in the filter, attach the portafilter into the machine, and fill the water tank and milk reservoir. I can then choose whether I like an espresso, cappuccino, or latte. I press the buttons, place my mug under the portafilter, and wait until my cup is full. Of course, it is not complete without a foamy froth, by turning the froth knob for cappuccino or latte, the machine automatically steams the milk. The interface is super simple and anyone, I mean anyone, will be able to follow it without a problem. Like I said earlier, this machine feels a lot like a one-button Nespresso’s but allowing to enjoy ground coffee making. You could argue that you are getting the best of both worlds.

Automatic Cleaning Cycle

Regular cleaning such as washing, rinsing, and wiping parts of the machine is essential for keeping the machine in top condition. And with Café Barista’s automatic cleaning cycle, it only took me 30 seconds to clean the machine thoroughly. I just simply turn the froth knob to the “Clean” line and press the Clean button for 3 seconds to start the cleaning cycle. Believe it or not, it is that simple. To give you an idea of how fast it is, while I was still wiping the exterior, the machine automatically stopped, which is a sign that the cleaning cycle had finished.


Since Mr. Coffee Café Barista is a semi-automatic machine, it has a simple and stress-free operational procedure. In fact, it is one of the very few semi-automatic machines in the market that brews coffee and froth milk with just the push of a button. I never felt tired making my coffee or feeling I had to learn the theory of making coffee before getting on making coffee, simply because the operation is so simple and the coffee-making is instant. Instead of feeling that I needed a course or a private tutor to teach me how to make coffee. I think of coffee-making now as my new hobby.

How to Make a Coffee
  1. Put pre-ground coffee into the filter, choose whether you like a single or double shot, and tamp it so the coffee ground is tightly compact inside the filter, then insert to the portafilter.
  2. Fix the portafilter into the machine and make sure that the handle is aligned with the lock icon.
  3. Fill the water tank up to the MAX line. If brewing a cappuccino or a latte, add milk to the milk container up to the MAX level.
  4. If you will use a big cup, just place it under the portafilter, but for a smaller cup, you need to pull out the height adjustment tray under the milk container so that the portafilter is closer to the cup. Aim the milk frothing dispensing tube to the center of the cup and adjust the frothing knob whether cappuccino or latte.
  5. Wait for the light indicators to stop blinking to know that it is ready to brew. Select your preferred drink and size and it is good to go.

I want my coffee to be of the highest quality every single time I make it. There is an unfortunate yet unavoidable fact with any coffee machine, you have to keep it clean. Luckily, the machine comes with an automated cleaning cycle so it has never felt like a chore. There is no need to deep clean the machine after every use, instead, I do this every 3 months or when I feel that it has been used quite often in a short amount of time. For instance, if I have family staying with me and we all drink coffee (which it happens more often than you can imagine) or after a barbeque with friends if we all happen to want to get a proper cup of coffee. Which also happens more often than you can imagine. Cleaning is very important to maintain the coffee machine in good condition and ensuring that it keeps performing the way it is expected. It is the most important thing you can do if you want the machine to last for a long time.

Ways to Clean the Machine
  1. Before anything else, make sure that you let the machine cool down before you start cleaning it.
  2. Dispose of left espresso ground from the portafilter by tapping it or using a spoon to scoop off excess coffee grounds.
  3. Wash portafilter, filter cups, and milk and water container components along with the drip tray to remove any water or coffee residue and wash with soap and water.
  4. Perform the machine’s cleaning cycle by placing a large cup and place the milk frothing dispensing tube in the center of the cup. Set the froth control knob to the “Clean” mark, then press and hold the clean button on the control panel and release it after the pump starts. It will automatically stop when the cleaning cycle is done.
  5. Wipe the exterior of the machine along with the brew head to remove any stuck coffee inside.

It had been a dream of mine for a very long time to have my own “proper” coffee machine at home so I can make my own coffee, just the way I like it anytime I want to. Now, I don’t have to go outside, wait in line, and spend dollars on just a cup of coffee. Not to mention, Mr. Coffee Café Barista can produce a variety of coffee drinks so there is no need to keep wondering what this or that blend of coffee will taste like because I can do this from the comfort of my own home. Being able to put a nice and creamy froth on top gives extra flavor and texture to the coffee. For someone like me who has little time available, probably even less patience and wants something simple and quick, it is really the best coffee maker I could have wished for.

However, since it is a semi-automatic espresso machine, it is worth mentioning that it limits the ability for experimenting. It has no built-in grinder and uses pre-ground coffee, so I don’t get the chance to smell the aroma of freshly-ground coffee beans. However, this is something that I can live with, all I need is enjoy a freshly-made coffee at home, that’s it. I live the more complex or elaborate coffee making for people who are more keen on setups like De’Longui La Especialista or the Breville Barista Espresso machine, both of them absolutely amazing “proper” coffee machines but probably not a good fit for my needs.

Wondering whether this is the right coffee machine for you? Why not check out our section of grinding coffee machines? If the process seems too complicated and you want something a little simpler and easier to operate, you should certainly consider Nespresso one-button coffee machines. Happy coffee making!

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