Wearable Gadget Reviews - Best of 2019
Best smart watches review

Below you find our shortlist of the five best and most efficient smartwatch wearables you can buy in 2019.

Best sport watches review

We’ve run with every watch on this list and selected the best devices for all your running needs.

Best fitness trackers review

Fitness trackers have become a must-have in today’s world and are an essential way to continuously monitor your activity

Best phone body mounts review

These mounts allow positioning a phone within line of sight, out of your hands, avoiding strain on wrists, neck and back.

Best personal GPS trackers in 2019

Typically very affordable and compact, they can be easily placed inside a vehicle, a rucksack, a bag, etc for tracking purposes.

Best RFID & NFC contactless protection

Keeping your cards and/ or car keys safe is a big deal and here you can find our best options for 2019.