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Best power banks

You might call them power banks or portable chargers but whatever that is, these little beauties are a must for the modern day person. Depending on what you do or where you go, you might want a pocket-sized battery to top up your devices or a large power bank to juice up your laptop. As we spend more and more time on our devices and gadgets, power banks have become a “must-have” if you want to remain active as the day goes on. In this day and age and with so many choices out there, the expression “I run out of battery” is no longer an option.

All of the power banks in the shortlist below can charge a wide range of devices although their primary function, as far as most people are concerned is to be ready when your smartphone/ tablet battery dies at the end of the day. It can literally be the difference between knowing your way back home, a hotel, a convention, etc or being stranded in no-mans-land

As portable chargers have become commonplace, of course, they run into the opposite problem: there are a lot to choose from. We have checked, tested and based our recommendations below on a balance of battery capacity, how well they are built, their safety and size.

Below you’ll find out top five list of the top portable chargers that include high-capacity, and even laptop-compatible power banks. Say no more to being stranded with 0% battery left and no access to mains power.

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