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Best wireless Bluetooth speakers

Read on for our pick of the best wireless Bluetooth speakers, based on our exhaustive, in-depth reviews. Whether you’re looking for big, bold, floor-standing models that are capable of rattling the walls and waking the neighbours, through to a portable speaker that you can pick up whenever and take wherever. Our shortlist below gives you what we consider the best wireless speakers for your mobile devices.

The usability and multipurpose use of wireless speakers make it a popular choice for people in the present day and time. The evolution of wireless speakers has been persistent over the years. In this review, we talk about the best and most trending wireless speakers of 2019.

A wireless speaker can nowadays be as simple or as complicated as you like. Wireless speakers are increasingly smart speakers – offering built-in voice assistants alongside great wireless sound. Whatever you’re after, we have a recommendation for you in this list of the best wireless speakers for 2019.

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