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Best USB Charging Cables for your phone

There are loads of different Lightning cables available for your iPhone or iPad. Here we round up the best available. Whether you want to replace your Apple original, try a different colour, or grab one of the many rugged Lightning cables around, there is a good option that over time will save you time and money. The old adage you get what you pay for has never been so true.

Most Apple products these days will ship with a Lightning cable. The company now uses the connection on all its iPhones and iPads. Yet with everyday wear and tear, at some point, you’re going to start seeing wires sticking out of the once pure white cable and will need to replace it.

You can go directly to Apple, but there are a plethora of alternatives out there, just don’t buy a cheap Lightning cable. So, we have done the homework for you and we have rounded up our the Best USB charging cables for you.

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