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Best Cell Phone Stands/ Holders for Your Phone

Let’s face it: we are spending an ever-increasing amount of time with our smart devices. Whether we’re using it to watch YouTube, read the news or make a video call, more often than not it is a real hassle to find a good position. Not only that but if you are at work and rely on your phone for updates of any kind (staff on location, a crew on set, etc) you want something that is practical and, why not, looks good. Phone stands/ holders are designed specifically to solve this modern-day problem.

We have all done it, misplacing or dropping our expensive phone, trying to multitask while maintaining a steady grip on our phone. Bad posture can result in a stiff neck and numb wrists and fingers while holding or trying to hold the phone in the most comfortable position. If you are one of those then it’s time to purchase a phone stand. But where to start? With so many options, finding out which cell phone stand is best can be tough.

There are several styles of cell phone support systems on the market. We put the top options out there to the test and have come up with our hand-picked selection of the best five phone stands for you.

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